TrendMiner Brings Powerful New Capabilities in Latest 2018.R1 Release

The latest version of TrendMiner’s  self-service industrial analytics platform focuses on greater operational performance through extended search capabilities, more descriptive and diagnostic analytics, and a brand new organization platform.

Houston, TX and Hasselt, Belgium – June 20, 2018 – TrendMiner NV, a Software AG company, announces the newest release of her software: TrendMiner 2018.R1.

TrendMiner is an innovative self-service industrial analytics platform for time-series process and asset data. The TrendMiner platform is employed by many leading companies over a wide range of process manufacturing industries, including; chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, metals & mining, utilities and power generation.

What’s New in TrendMiner 2018 R1

TrendMiner enables process and asset experts to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance. The latest TrendMiner release delivers further significant functionality to these subject matter experts by providing greater power for the discovery of root causes behind process issues, identifying optimal process conditions and maintaining best practice. TrendMiner’s enhanced capabilities will equip users with even more tools to continuously improve operational performance, and facilitate communication of important outcomes to all stakeholders who need to know.

“The basis for predictive analytics and improving operational performance lies in perfect understanding of the process and asset behavior of the production lines. To achieve this, it’s crucial to find ways to involve subject matter experts directly by making advanced analytics as easy as possible. This is reflected in further extensions of the Recommendation Engine as well as helping to organize the increasing amount of analytics work.”

Thomas Dhollander, CTO of TrendMiner.

Recommendations for root cause analysis

Using algorithms similar to those employed by Amazon to supply recommendations based on user behavior, TrendMiner can track entire process lines to provide users with quick-fire recommendations they need to diagnose the root causes behind process issues. With more rapid and greater insight into their processes, process and asset experts will be very well placed to correct process and equipment issues early, and potentially avert crisis.

Organizing self-service advanced analytics work

TrendMiner discloses endless data analysis possibilities and users are investigating a wide range of operational production behaviors. The new “Work Organizer” creates an environment that supports a seamless method to organize analytical outcomes in user views by projects, by asset or any other preferred structure. The key enabler of this feature is its provision to create and manage folders to organize user views in a highly efficient way, enhancing search capability and share functionality.

User experience and user guided enhancements steers TrendMiner’s mission towards maximum customer success

It is TrendMiner’s attention to customer wishes that has sparked the growing appreciation of the platform.

To help enhance the user experience and maintain its competitive edge, user requested updates have become a regular feature of TrendMiner releases. The 2018.R1 is no exception. Having listened to the guidance of customers, TrendMiner’s latest enhancements focuses on the user experience. For example, to speed up root cause analysis the users can now easily select the active tags when creating formulas or aggregated tags. Next, when searching for similar behavior in the past it is immediately clear that filters or “weights” are applied. The usability enhancements will serve to further reduce the time and effort it takes to solve equipment and process performance related issues. It is TrendMiner’s edict to provide a platform that users will grow to love, and new potential users will hope to find.

More information

Users of our software can find out more details about the new capabilities and all the smaller improvements through the direct communication by TrendMiner and our support platforms. More information about TrendMiner software and the benefits it offers can be found at

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