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TrendMiner 2017 highlights

TrendMiner highlights 2017

TrendMiner’s self-service industrial analytics offering has disrupted markets this year, winning acclaim from analysts and great interest from global leaders in process manufacturing.

Global roll-outs drive success

During 2017, TrendMiner has further accelerated its rapid growth. The self-service analytics solution has drawn a lot of attention from markets due to the next-generation approach to democratizing data analytics and the instant value it delivers.

Bert Baeck, the company’s founder and CEO commented: “We started TrendMiner to offer a “Google for industry” solution for process engineers. Just like Google, the ease of use our software offers has led to a rapid uptake in the markets. We’re proud to say that today 40% of the Top 50 chemical companies use TrendMiner – and they’re not alone. Leaders in a wide range of process industries have seen the value TrendMiner offers and are already using it to unlock new opportunities for optimization in their plants.”

Disrupting the data analytics space

TrendMiner offers batch, grade and continuous process manufacturers an alternative to traditional data modelling. The next-generation software leverages advanced pattern recognition and machine learning to put the power of analytics into the hands of the people who need it daily: the engineers.

By providing a self-service solution, TrendMiner has also impacted industry perceptions about the value of process and asset analytics. With no long implementation projects, high project costs or dependency on data scientists, the company has dropped the barrier to working with analytics.

The market response has been exceptional.

Taking the world by storm

As more and more companies unlock insights in their production data, so the value that TrendMiner offers has gained recognition. In 2017, leading organizations such as Total, Covestro, Ashland and Arlanxeo have expanded their use of TrendMiner software based on proven use cases.

From improving equipment availability to supporting digital transformation and optimizing energy usage, these industry pioneers have demonstrated tangible gains, and have begun leveraging that potential across more sites and divisions.

TrendMiner customers have also been speaking up about the benefits they have achieved. This year, a growing number of customers have presented their experience of TrendMiner at industry events, conferences and in live webinars.

Winning acclaim

It’s not only manufacturers that have noticed the potential of TrendMiner – analysts have welcomed the new approach to industrial analytics.

TrendMiner won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award for predictive analytics in 2017. This award recognized TrendMiner’s strength in terms of innovation, leadership in customer value, and speed in response to market needs.

Frost & Sullivan is not alone in their positive reception of TrendMiner. ARC Advisory Group has welcomed the new approach to industrial analytics as a way for the process industry to get more value out of their data. In 2017, ARC documented the benefits that Total Refining & Petrochemicals division achieved with TrendMiner, including time savings, improved diagnostics, and reduced operational costs. View the ARC Advisory Group write-up.

Growing into the future together

TrendMiner’s continued success in 2017 sets the stage for an exciting year to follow.

“We’re not stopping here. As more and more customers gain the value TrendMiner offers and roll it out within their organizations, we will continue to serve their growing needs. Our technology roadmap is ambitious and in the coming months we will be unveiling new advances that will disrupt the analytics space even more in 2018.”

– Bert Baeck, Founder & CEO of TrendMiner


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