Looking Back at TrendLab 2020:

Reflecting on This Year’s (Virtual) User Event

Well, it’s been a little over a month since TrendLab 2020 wrapped up, so it’s fitting to post a recap of our user event. But first, why and what is TrendLab? 

Two years ago, knowing the benefits of connecting self-service analytics users, TrendMiner established its yearly user event, TrendLab, with the objective of growing the self-service analytics community and exchanging ideas and practices for all users to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to use the software to optimize their processes and simply, to benefit from each other’s experience. You can read more about the event and hear what customers have to say about it here.

Ultimately, however, we know our users can learn from our team and more importantly from each other. With TrendMiner, your journey at optimizing your processes doesn’t just stop when you install the software; that’s just the starting point.

A Diverse, Exciting & Informative Agenda

TrendLab 2020 had an extremely interesting line up of presentations that were given on three separate days over three weeks. They ranged from presentations about how different industries use our software to upcoming innovations, and how it addresses the changing analytics landscape to thought leadership in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

To round it all out, we had guest keynote speakers that delivered original, diverse and relevant presentations. 

  • Professor Bart De Moor of K.U. LeuvenOne debunked the mystery surrounding artificial intelligence to promote understanding about AI with his presentation AI – Fact or Fiction?”.
  • Chad Littlefield, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of We and Me, Inc. explained how to effectively connect and communicate with people through his presentation “Meaningful Conversations, a particularly relevant topic given the change in global work situations due to COVID-19. 
  • In Design Thinking – a Simple Formula to Innovation”, Adam Egger, Director of Innovation Strategy with Software AG, provided insight into design and problem solving, especially when working in teams in an interesting and powerful presentation.

Curious to see what the full agenda entailed? Take a peak here: 

Keynote & General Sessions:

“Meaningful Conversations”
Presented by Chad Littlefield, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at We and Me, Inc.

TrendMiner Company Update
Presented by Joan van de Wetering, Managing Director at TrendMiner

TrendMiner Product Roadmap & Vision
 Presented by Thomas Dhollander, CTO at TrendMiner

TrendMiner as a Production Cockpit
Presented by Rob Azevedo, Product Manager at TrendMiner

Customer Use Cases:

“Ditching the Spreadsheets”: 
Presented by Sukhpal Singh, Production Engineer at Kuraray

“The Digital Engineer”
Presented by Krister Forsman, Corporate Specialist at Perstorp Specialty Chemicals

“Breaking Down Data Silos”
Presented by Mike Malone, Principal Process Engineer at Toray Plastics America

If you happened to miss the event or any of the presentations, no worries! Users and SAG folks can register to watch the presentations here.

Taking It Virtual 

Speaking of COVID-19, our event this year was virtual. Although our TrendMiner team and customers missed gathering for a live event, all were happy that TrendLab 2020 was still able to go on. Plus, it opened up other opportunities: Going virtual allowed us to invite ALL of our global customers and partners, free of charge, and we were extremely pleased with the turnout with hundreds of participants tuning in live and checking in on demand. Also, virtual networking was set up for all participants to connect, discuss, learn, and share knowledge and experience. 

And while nothing beats getting together in person, we still managed to have fun all throughout the event. Helping out behind the scenes was “Cardboard Fred” – a life size cardboard cutout of Frederick Motte, our Global Head of Customer Success currently based in Houston, Texas. He was bummed to not be at the live event in Belgium but you wouldn’t know it based on the permanent smile and two enthusiastic thumbs up he’s giving.

The TrendMiner and Newcomer of the Year Award

Here at TrendMiner we’re proud and honored when our software plays a part in your successes. That’s why this year we started a new tradition of presenting two event awards to show appreciation and to recognize our customer’s achievements resulting in significant value for their organizations.

  • TrendMiner of the Year Award: Sukhpal Singh, Process Engineer with Kuraray
  • Newcomer of the Year Award: Ben Daugherty, Industrial Performance Engineer with Nestlé

A big congratulations to our winners!

Our TrendMiner Community

Lastly, we want to thank our team for putting on such a top-notch, educational, and enjoyable event, our presenters for blowing us away with their excellent talks, and all of the attendees for adding to the event’s energy and character. TrendMiner is not just an industrial analytics tool – it’s a community of enthusiasts helping each other towards continued improvement and operational optimization.

And so the growing of the TrendMiner community continues…

See you next year at TrendLab 2021!  

Check out “Timely Process Communication Is Essential for Industrial Manufacturing Optimization” – a special guest blog post written by Sukhpal Singh, process engineer at Kuraray and TrendMiner of the Year Award winner, about his experiences using TrendMiner.