Live Webinar / Wed Sept 11 / 9 AM CT

Leveraging IIoT Analytics to Drive Operational Performance

Take control over business outcomes by empowering your plant personnel

LNS Research has been measuring the use of analytics in process industries over several years, and earlier results showed process companies were focused almost exclusively on predictive maintenance for critical risk assets.

However, recent studies show a growing trend toward a wider range of use cases, extending far beyond uptime and asset performance to process improvements, quality improvements, and better forecasting.

In this webinar, LNS Research will explain why companies today empower plant personnel with analytics that deliver real-time insights, for making authority decisions based on the output of those analytics. According to LNS Research, these companies have achieved more significant improvements over time because of this empowerment enabling continuous improvement of operational performance.

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    • Today’s IIoT focus in the Process Industry, according to LNS Research
    • Definition and requirements of IIoT Analytics 
    • IIoT Analytics – from “control room to board room”
    • Improving operational excellence using all operational data across silos
    • Controlling business outcomes with an analytics-driven production cockpit

Key takeaways you’ll receive from this webinar:

  • Enabling the future

    Learn what an IIoT analytics tool should look like to face your competition with an analytics-empowered organization accelerating into the future.

  • While leveraging the past

    You already have all of the data at your disposal, perhaps across data silos, and it can all contribute to improve operational performance. Discover how to use it to your advantage.

  • And creating business excellence

    Dashboards alone are not enough. Learn how to control business outcomes through actionable data-driven insights at all levels of the organization.

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Speaker Profile

Joe Perino

JOE PERINO is a Research Analyst with LNS Research; where he primarily focuses on industrial transformation and operational excellence for oil and gas, process manufacturing and other asset-intensive industries. He also provides collaborative coverage across the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, Cloud, advanced analytics, Edge computing, the Digital Twin, robotic process automation, blockchain, and asset performance management. Throughout his career he has helped process manufacturing companies with strategy development, digital transformation initiatives, and market development.

Joe PerinoResearch Analyst, LNS Research

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