International VDI Conference 2019

Continuously Improve Operational Excellence through Democratization of Advanced Analytics

Nov 5-6, 2019

Amsterdam, Radisson Blu Hotel

The VDI Continuously Improve operational Excellence through the Democratization of advanced Analytics Workshop will give you an overview of how time-series operational data can be leveraged in each stage of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) cycle. Even if you don’t use the Six Sigma DMAIC cycles, the approach you will learn about in this workshop will be invaluable to drive your data driven continuous improvement projects forward.

Benefits of attending

  1. Learn about using time-series operational data to your advantage in continuous improvement projects
  2. Find out about the requirements necessary to find the right advanced analytics platform.
  3. Gain insight from practical use cases and real world examples
  4. Refresh your knowledge of the DMAIC cycle
  5. Learn how to empower a large group of people in your organization to contribute to operational excellence without then need for numerous data scientists

Contents of the workshop

The VDI Continuously Improve Operational Excellence Through the Democratization of Advanced Analytics Workshop will consider, discuss and explore the following themes on the basis of practical, hands-on exercises:

  • Introduction to Industrial Analytics
  • Typical Operational Excellence issues
  • Core concepts of Self-service Advanced Analytics
  • Overview: Time-series operational data can be leveraged in each stage of the DMAIC cycle
  • Summary to cover:
    • Requirements for the right advanced analytics platform
    • Organizational and personal benefits

Don’t miss out:

Wed, Nov 6 at 1 PM

IIoT for Brownfield and Greenfield – Exploring the Use and Benefits to be presented by Thomas Dhollander, TrendMiner CTO & Co-founder

Download the full program PDF here

Learn more & start the conversation

Interested in getting a jump start on Continuous Improvement 4.0? Check out our blog posts or webinar today! TrendMiner is proud to be one of the international guest speakers at the VDI Conference. If you would like to arrange to meet someone at the event for a 1-on-1 conversation, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!