Webinar on Demand

Enabling digital transformation

How to benefit from process data analytics today

Duration: 60 minutes


There is a lot of hype around Industry 4.0 and IIoT – but for many people these concepts are still vague and the benefits are unclear. At TrendMiner we like to avoid the jargon and keep it simple. In this webinar, TrendMiner founder Bert Baeck explains how to start leveraging all the data that your factories generate today to enable digital transformation in practice.

Learn more about:

  1. Why digital transformation is needed to meet today’s challenges
  2. Is using big data for industrial analytics all hype – or reality?
  3. Why analytics projects fail and how to succeed
  4. How to build a modern analytics organization
  5. How to assess your analytics maturity
  6. How to increase your competitive edge with analytics

About Speaker

Hermann Schuster

“The digitalization wave is rolling.”

“You cannot wait until you have a final perfect solution before you start using big data tools. It’s better to do it in parallel: start using analytics while you continue to gather data.”

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