Empowering engineers with analytics

A new age in manufacturing

Empowering engineers with analytics

This ebook offers an easy to understand overview of the impact of disruptive innovation on engineers in the process industries, and introduces a new approach to analytics that delivers instant benefits. Read this ebook to discover why democratizing access to data analytics is essential, how it could help your organization succeed, and to learn more about:

  1. A new age in manufacturing: Industry 4.0
  2. The challenges of disruption
  3. Empowering engineers – democratizing analytics
  4. The rise of self-service and why it matters
  5. Real benefits, new process insights
  6. No time for analytics? Think again
Thomas Dhollander

“Data should empower all employees.”

“The exponential growth of industrial data offers manufacturers new opportunities to further improve production processes… But without democratizing access to analytics, companies will not be able to leverage their greatest resource: their engineers.”

Thomas Dhollander is an expert in algorithm design and time series analytics for process data. From 2005 to 2008 he was active as a data mining and machine learning research engineer at the KULeuven University in Leuven, Belgium. Thomas holds a Master in Science in Mechanical-Electrotechnical Engineering (data mining & automation) from KULeuven and a Master of Arts in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University.

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