Emerson Next Gen 2017

September 14 – Dordrecht, Netherlands
Leading the Plant of Today


Next Gen is the innovation event for everyone in the process industry for whom operation certainty is the “new normal”. This event focuses on finding smart solutions for continuous improvement throughout the enterprise. End users and service providers come together to provide information and inspire new perspectives on how to optimize the safety, uptime and profitability of today’s factories.

Event highlights

This event will cover essential topics such as:

  • The impact of digitalization on the process industries
  • How innovation is reshaping the roles of operators, engineers and managers
  • Challenges and new solutions for an ageing workforce
  • How organizations can successfully transform to leverage disruptive innovation

Event speakers include former F1 racer Robert Doornbos, who will share how insights from the fast-paced auto-sport world apply to the process industries.

Who should attend?

Trendminer customers, Asset Managers, Maintenance Managers, Reliability Engineers, Rotating Engineers, Static Engineers, Plant Managers, Service Providers, Instrumentation Engineers, Operators, Terminal Managers, SHEQ and IT.

Don’t miss this TrendMiner customer presentation

Analytics on today’s process data leads our plant into the future
– Presented by Jan Meireleire from Ashland

Break out session 4 – 19.00 – 19.35

Ashland is a pure, specialty chemicals company with a singular focus on making their customers more successful and the world a better place. To live up to that promise, they are constantly looking for ways how to make our production process more efficient and more safe, both for their customers as well as for the people on site.

In this presentation, Jan Meireleire will explain how self-service industrial analytics help Ashland to achieve their goals. Today’s process data holds the key to improving the production process. TrendMiner’s advanced analytics capabilities help Ashland analyze, monitor and even predict process and asset performance. Meireleire will discuss Ashland’s industrial analytics journey as well as the benefits of using TrendMiner to enter into the plant of the future.

Join us

Jeroen de Wolf and Edwin van Dijk of TrendMiner will be attending the Next Gen event. If you would like to arrange to meet us at the event for a 1-on-1 conversation, please contact us.

Event information

September 14, 2017
Location: Postillion, Rijksstraatweg 30, 3316 EH Dordrecht, Netherlands (view in Google Maps)

Full event information and registration is available via the Emerson site (Dutch language)

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