Customer Success Presentation

Increasing Compression System Production Efficiency with Self-Service Data Analytics

Duration: 25 minutes

Critical rotating equipment asset’s reliability and availability are key to meeting production targets. Offshore compressor system performance is often a significant ‘bad-actor’ contributor to production deferment.

In this presentation from the TrendMiner 2021 Oil & Gas Digital Event, Robert Barrie from Chrysaor will show how self-service analytics help to improve the production efficiency of compression systems.

About the Speakers

Rob Barrie

14+ years of oil and gas experience as a rotating equipment engineer and project engineer with roles in UK operations & maintenance, as well as on global greenfield and brown field projects. Currently the rotating engineering lead and Technical Authority with Chrysaor, assuring the safe and reliable operation for rotating equipment on three North Sea facilities and assurance and technical support for any associated projects on the platforms. Special focus on improving safety, increasing uptime and improving value within the rotating discipline at Chrysaor. 

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