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Accelerating the Energy Transition

with Self-service Analytics

Duration: 30 minutes

Accelerating the Energy Transition with Self-service Analytics

In this presentation from the TrendMiner 2021 Oil & Gas Digital Event, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineers Wouter Daniels & Luis Carretero discuss how self-service industrial analytics is used to accelerate energy transition goals.

You will first see applications around improving energy efficiency and operational performance with very low abatement cost. We will then demonstrate how to perform a post-implementation review of a retrofit towards renewables using self-service analytics.

The use case will show how to effectively use Trendminer to bring the Integrated Solar Combined Cycle back in control, as well as how to improve operating conditions after the step change.

About the Speakers

Wouter Daniles graduated as a Chemical Engineer from the university of Leuven, and then pursued in PhD in Chemical Engineering on data analysis and modeling of biochemical systems in order to increase bioproduct yields. He started at TrendMiner just over 2 years ago, generally working with customers, training and advising them on how to get the most out of their data, and taking their feedback home in order to improve the TrendMiner product. Over this span Wouter has worked with many of Oil & Gas customers in the North Sea area, learning more on the opportunities and challenges for data analytics in the Oil & Gas vertical.

Wouter Daniels

Luis is an expert in Oil and Gas industry, as well as in energy transition and process optimisation in the chemical industry. He is Data Analytics Engineer at TrendMiner, a role which allows him to combine his expertise in analytics with his passion for helping customers maximize their success. Luis holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (Process Optimisation) from US Seville, and a Laurea Magistrale in Chemical Engineering (Petrochemistry Processes) from Politecnico di Milano. In the past, he was responsible for a new asphalt quality in CEPSA Química, taking care of the different quality controls before the shipping process.

Luis Carretero

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