Building Together in 2021 with a Strong Partner Network 

Kicking Off Collaboration with “Trends & Friends”

To kick-off a collaborative year with our partner network, we hosted a TrendMiner Partner Sales Kickoff meeting on Tuesday, February 16.  The theme was “Trends & Friends” with the focus being on engagement and enablement.

During this virtual event, our partners heard from our executives from Marketing, Customer Success, and Product, and our Global Partner Manager, John O’Connell and covered everything from best practices for success to product overviews and beyond. We announced new programs to help further develop our collaborative efforts such as industry-focused material and collateral, tiered partner levels, and a partner advisory board – all aimed at further enabling our mutual connection, support, and growth.

“We’re excited to share our plans but more importantly get our partners feedback and guidance on how we can implement and ultimately succeed with those plans. By building our businesses through improved customer engagement, while supporting each other along the way, we know we can achieve great things in 2021.” – John O’Connell,  TrendMiner Global Partner Manager

About Our Partner Program

In early 2020, TrendMiner set out to establish a partner program. Our goal was to grow and expand globally through shared networks to support our customers in their local time zones, languages and customs, and with local experts. We wanted to work with partners who would grow and build with us, so we could learn from each and leverage our offerings. We also wanted to connect with like-minded people who were passionate about growing the IIoT and self-service industrial analytics community.

In just the first year, we were extremely successful in laying the groundwork for this initiative by hiring and training world-class partners. We now have roughly 30 technical, solution, and engineering partners all over the globe.

In fact, our esteemed partners from all over the world are working diligently and actively to bring TrendMiner to their customer bases. And their enthusiasm to help potential customers on their digitalization journey is top. To bring home this point, on February 23, 2021, our partner Novipro will host one. The webinar will include an overview of TrendMiner self-service analytics along with a demo and will end with an explanation of two industrial manufacturing use cases.

Our Chief Revenue Officer Joan van de Wetering emphasizes what we mean:

Our partners are strategic to our growth, now and in the future. We want to enable and support them to be as successful as they can be. Their success is our success. This kick-off meeting is an important next step for us working hand in hand to build a path to success for our partners, our customers, and for TrendMiner.

We’re proud of our partner network and are excited to continue expanding our services and offerings this year and in the years to come.

You can learn more and see a listing of our partners here.