Bloor Research recognizes TrendMiner with first ever “Diamond” Mutable Award

TrendMiner’s Self-Service Analytics solution has been awarded the “Diamond” Mutable Award in its recent Time-Series Market Report. The Bloor Mutable Awards are presented to software companies that enable organizations to be more adaptable and increase their ability to evolve more rapidly.

According to Bloor, they see their role as the navigator, helping CIOs and business leaders to understand, manage and prioritise their strategy, and helping vendors with the clarity of their messaging and propositions.  “To be effective as an organization today you have to think about more than just technology.”  Their concept of a “Mutable Business” is an approach explaining “How organizations can successfully transform in a continuous way”.

While the Mutable Awards are not new, TrendMiner is the first company to be awarded the “Diamond” level award.

“In particular, it [TrendMiner] supports a self-service approach to analysis that does not require domain experts to have any knowledge of data science. This contextual strength, plus the fact that it integrates with other Software AG products such as WebMethods and Cumulocity, and not to forget its core capabilities, makes the product an obvious choice for shortlisting when it comes to process manufacturing, ” said Philip Howard, Bloor Research Director.

Download Bloor’s detailed InBrief Report on TrendMiner

Download the Bloor Research InBrief to read a detailed, concise assessment of TrendMiner. In it, Philip Howard, Research Director, Information Management, for research firm Bloor Research, reviews TrendMiner’s “highly recommended” self-service analytics solutions.

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