ARC European Industry Forum 2017

May 16-17 – Barcelona (Sitges), Spain

Industry in Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise

Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, cloud and the digital enterprise are no longer buzz-words – they’re the new reality. Industrial companies have rapidly started to leverage these technologies in order to gain a critical advantage against competitors in the global market.

Today, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) are converging ever faster, challenging traditional business processes and increasing the need for next generation systems. As more data points are connected in a digital plant, so the systems must become more robust and offer extended functionalities. They must ensure accurate, available information, and start providing the analytics capabilities to inform predictive maintenance and increase operational efficiency.

ARC Advisory Group

Event highlights

This year’s ARC Industry Forum provides a platform for actionable information that can help you to:

  • Assess which technologies will deliver your organization the greatest benefit today
  • Consider key points for business processes, such as operations management
  • Discover the enablers for rapid change during digital disruption
  • Hear how market leaders have achieved sustainable success by innovating.

Industrial analytics & edge computing – May 16th

Edwin van Dijk will be a panelist in the workshop on Industrial Analytics and Edge Computing. In this session, he will present on how self-service analytics allow industrial citizen data scientists to analyze, monitor and predict operational and asset performance. Learn more about the impact of industrial analytics.

Sitech’s process data analytics journey: a user’s perspective- May 17th

Tjaart Molenkamp and Marc Pijpers of Sitech, a long-term customer of TrendMiner, will be presenting at the IT/OT Convergence session at the 2017 ARC Forum. As users of TrendMiner software and service providers to other TrendMiner customers, Sitech is uniquely positioned to discuss the benefits that predictive analytics deliver in a digital enterprise.

Join us in Barcelona

TrendMiner will be attending the ARC European Industry Forum in Spain. As a provider of analytics software solutions that meet the high demands of the process industries today, we welcome events like this that help organizations achieve success through innovation.

If you’d like to discuss your key challenges with us in person, why not schedule a meeting? Members of our team, including Tim Boot and Edwin van Dijk will be there. Contact us directly to arrange a convenient time to meet.


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