Advanced Analytics for Process Experts

presented at the AIChE Spring event 2022

Duration: 27 minutes

About the Speakers

Usman Iftikhar

Usman began his career in a startup organization in FCC catalyst and worked up through product commercialization. Usman brings a decade of R&D and plant experience to his role as a Customer Success Manager.

The AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety is the year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical and process safety engineers, covering the industry’s critical needs more broadly and deeply than any other conference. Usman Iftikhar, TrendMiner Customer Success Manager, presented during the Data Analytics and Smart Manufacturing II session:

Advanced Analytics For Process Experts: Accelerate Root Cause Analysis & Improve Data-Driven Decision Making

Watch Usman’s presentation to learn how self-service advanced analytics software provides engineers and operators with new and efficient methods to solve operational problems. Two industrial cases presented reflect the easy-to-use functionality and the tangible success derived from self-service analytics capability.